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Our Founders

Apostle Dr. Nehemiah Rhinehart Sr. and Minister Dr.  Wilheleminia Rhinehart , are the Founders of Solid Rock Full Gospel Baptist Church Ministries International in Capitol Heights, Maryland, where they have discipled and equipped men and women to disciple others for God’s Kingdom for the past 58 years.

Apostle Rhinehart (Sept. 28, 1931- June 29, 2015) a native of Swansea, South Carolina, where he received his early education. It was at a very early age that he sensed a calling from God on his life, a deep desire to become a preacher. As an adolescent, he recalls reading the Bible. His name “Nehemiah” has always inspired him because of who Nehemiah was, the great wall builder and what he accomplished as a man of God.

In his early twenties, he acknowledged and accepted the Lord as his personal Savior and Lord. In 1954, Apostle Rhinehart answered the call to the Gospel Ministry and was ordained and set apart by a group of Baptist Churches meeting in counsel with the Mount Moriah Baptist Church and Carron Baptist Church.
Apostle Rhinehart founded he Solid Rock Full Gospel Baptist Church General Conference Affiliated Churches and Ministries of North America Inc. It is a fellowship of ministries, and churches that are established throughout the world, teaching and preaching the Gospel to the lost; compelling them to come into the knowledge of the truth which is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Apostle Rhinehart, studied at Washington Baptist Theological Seminary, Washington, DC, graduating June 1960. He was bestowed an honorary Doctorate of Divinity degree from Breakthrough Bible College, Temple Hills Maryland.

Minister Dr. Wilheleminia Rhinehart known as Mother Rhinehart also a native of Swansea, South Carolina. Mother Rhinehart is a dynamic Woman of God, worshipper, prayer warrior, mentor, vessel of grace, and an anointed singer that will sing until the power of God shows up and shows out and change the lives of God’s people.

Mother Rhinehart has served in several capacities as an exemplary leader and an example of a virtuous woman. Her duties have included the Director of the Women’s Ministry, Director of the Volunteer Chorus, and the overseer of the Usher/Nurses Ministry. She also serves as the National Mother of the Solid Rock Full Gospel Baptist Church General Conference Affiliated Churches and Ministries of North America International Inc.
Minister Rhinehart loves God with her whole heart, mind, and soul. She made a vow to the Lord that she would go all the way with him.
Apostle and Minister Rhinehart and are the elated parents of eight children, 3 daughter- in-laws, 3 son-in-laws, 15 grandchildren, and 16 great-grand.
Our Founder has always bought biblical wisdom, compassion, and integrity to the Solid Rock family and many others throughout the world.

Our History

The History of God’s Miracle Temple Solid Rock Full Gospel Baptist Church was organized on March 18, 1957 by Apostle Dr. Nehemiah Rhinehart Sr., along with his beloved wife, Minister Dr. Wilheleminia Rhinehart, Pastor Chine Livingston, Mother Gladys Livingston Deacon Jessie Zeigler (deceased), Deaconess Naomi Zeigler (deceased), and Pastor A.A. Wilson (deceased).

Our first location was 817 12th Street NE, Washington, DC a store front rental. We utilized the property for both living and church services. It was most inconvenient due to space however, to help our young church financially we, by the grace of God, were willing to make the sacrifice. We trusted the Lord and obediently witness to the lost and invited friends and relatives to worship services, the Holy Spirit began to draw men, women and many children and young people. We therefore grew spiritually, numerically and financially.

The Lord truly blessed our young church after being organized and together for only nineteen months. We were blessed by God, with the cooperation and working together of our small church family, to take a major leap of faith and purchase our first church home (a Jewish synagogue) located at 800 I Street NE, Washington, DC, with a seating capacity of approximately 300; and an educational facility with class rooms and a fellowship room.

The Holy Spirit used our ministry greatly in and from our new location through outreach ministry such as, gospel crusades, jail ministry, radio ministry, street ministry, and food & clothing distribution. God raised up many women and men to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, our Church grew through church planting; ministers were called by the Holy Spirit to start ministries in other geographical areas. This led to establishing a fellowship conference of Churches, which is still going forth today.

God used our ministry mightily during our 42 years at 800 I Street NE. It was very prosperous with multitudes of souls being saved, believers’ lives being blessed, strengthened, encouraged, and build-up through the Word of God.

In 2001, God gave us one of our greatest miracles, God blessed us to purchase our current location at 7711 Walker Mill Drive, Capital Heights, Maryland.